Meggitt Training Systems wins additional $15.8 million in US Army targeting equipment orders

Meggitt Training Systems, the leading provider of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training products and services for armed forces and law enforcement, announced additional orders that form part of a vital US Army combat skills training program for American and allied warfighters.

The $15.8 million in orders, awarded by Tank-automotive & Armaments Command since May and being installed in the coming four months, are part of the Army Targetry Systems III indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity, five-year contract. The 10 orders are for the following facilities:

  • Camp Ethan Allen: A Multipurpose Training Range equipped with Stationary Infantry Targets (SITs), Stationary Armor Targets (SATs), Moving Infantry Targets (MITs) andMoving Armor Targets (MATs), plus two Combat Pistol Qualification Courses equipped with SITs.
  • Orchard Combat Training Center: Portable SITs and SATs.
  • Fort Bragg: A Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise range equipped with SITs, SATs, MITs and MATs, and an Automated Record Fire range equipped with SITs.
  • Ft. Carson: Tank Range equipped with SATs and MATs.
  • Fort Pickett: A Multipurpose Range Complex equipped with SITs, SATs, MITs, and MATs.
  • Grafenwoehr Training Area: Combat Pistol Qualification Course equipped with SITs.
  • Camp Grayling: Portable SITs and SATs.
  • Fort Bliss:  An Infantry Squad Battle Course and an Infantry Platoon Battle Course, both equipped with SITs, SATs, MITs and MATs.
  • Camp Shelby: A Multipurpose Range Complex equipped with SITs, SATs, MITs, and MATs.
  • Camp Navajo: A modified Qualification Training Range (QTR) Range equipped with SITs.

“These orders, on top of more than $4 million announced earlier this year, have helped Meggitt Training Systems continue our unequaled winning streak on all three Army Targetry Systems’ contracts since 2002,” said Shannon Medina, program manager at Meggitt. “Warfighters training at more than 120 military bases around the world have benefitted from our experience fielding more than 75,000 target systems to enhance readiness.”

Meggitt products are proven to be reliable and flexible to support both skills qualifications events and more complex unit-collective training. The company’s offerings include a variety of multi-function and stationary infantry targets, as well as moving infantry and armor targets, to provide maximum realism during training.

For example, Meggitt Training Systems’ Moving Infantry Target that travels at three speeds to replicate an individual walking (4-6 kph), jogging (8-10 kph), and running (12-14 kph) on flat terrain. All standard target commands – such as expose, conceal, hit fall, hit hold, hit bob, and selectable number of hits to kill – are performed by the MIT. The target actuator is equipped with a highly accurate sensor that detects, responds to and reports hits. The elevated two-rail track system – available in 50-foot, 80-foot, and 100-foot lengths – is easily assembled with hand tools, making it ideal for deployment. Extremely reliable and rugged, Meggitt Training Systems’ infantry field range targets perform in the harshest climates and do not contain hydraulic fluids, contaminants or hazardous toxins capable of being released into the environment.