Saab’s enhanced C4I Capability

Visby-class corvette. (David Oliver)

Building on 50 years of experience, Saab’s 9LV was originally designed for operations in the Baltic Sea, a high clutter environment and a military geography that generates large variations and highly compressed tactical cycles.

9LV offers complete Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) for every type of naval platform ranging from combat and patrol boats, frigates and large through-deck ships to submarines. It provides operational capabilities and supports all mission types from extreme littorals to open ocean in all warfare dimensions, manned as well as unmanned. 9LV comprises everything from complete combat system deliveries to provision of systems and sub-systems as well as components and services. The components of 9LV include Combat System (CS), Combat Management System (CMS) and Fire Control System (FCS).

All 9LV systems are built on a common, independent technology platform also used for other Saab systems products. As well as designing, installing and integrating the systems in new build ships, legacy systems can be upgraded. Modern naval vessels have a life expectancy exceeding 25 years and to ensure continuous development during this time, Saab provides long-term technical support that includes the provision of spare parts and a variety of services in order to improve reliability, availability, maintainability and testability throughout the system’s operational lifecycle.

The Royal Swedish Navy’s Visby-class corvettes are being upgraded with the latest versions of 9LV while it will be installed in the navy’s new generation corvettes and the A26 submarines. The system has also been selected for the Finnish Navy’s Squadron 2020 programme for four new multi-role corvettes. 9LV has already been exported more than 20 navies worldwide including those of Australia, Canada, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Saab’s head of product & strategy, Combat Systems and C4I solutions Evelina Hedskog, told AI that the company is maintaining its development of the 9LV system by introducing new technologies that include software, cyber defence, data handling multi-purpose antenna and artificial intelligence (AI). She also stressed that these future developments would include multi-national input.

by David Oliver