IRIS-T SLS handed over to Swedish Air Defence Regiment


The IRIS-T SLS firing units from Diehl Defence were handed over by the Swedish procurement agency FMV to the Air Defence Regiment in Halmstad in August 2019.

The highly agile IRIS-T guided missiles are to protect soldiers and infrastructure against missile, aircraft and attack helicopters. Thus, Sweden is the first country to benefit from the open system design of the newly developed GBAD* family IRIS-T SLM/SLS, combining and integrating systeme elements (sensors/radars, command and control systems, communications systems) from various manufacturers into a single powerful weapon system.

Another advantage results from the multi-role capability of the IRIS-T missile, which was developed with Swedish participation and has been used for many years as superior air-to-air weapon on Gripen aircraft.

In the development of the IRIS-T SLM/SLS ground based air defence systems, Diehl succeeded in setting new standards in open system architecture, thus allowing maximum flexibility in the procurement of new weapon systems as well as modernization/upgrading of existing systems.

Through delivery of highly advanced equipment within the agreed cost and time frame, Diehl has made a notable contribution to the renewal of Swedish air defence.

* Ground Based Air Defence