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Editorial Topics:
  • Commander’s Intent: Managing The Biggest Aviation Challenge In The Royal Navy: Rear Admiral Martin Connell, Royal Navy, talks to David Oliver about his responsibilities as Assistant Chief of Naval Staff and Rear Admiral Fleet Air Arm.
  • Air Power: Survivability Through Digital Stealth: Jon Lake examines how reprogrammable electronic warfare systems may better protect combat aircraft.
  • Sea Power: NATO Bears Down On ASW: Dr. Lee Willett reports on NATO’s anti-submarine Exercise Dynamic Mongoose, based around Standing NATO Maritime Group1 (SNMG1).
  • Land Warfare: Beyond Artillery’s Reach: Missiles have a reach way beyond artillery, and their adoption is likely to accelerate without treaty guidelines, says Stephen W. Miller.
  • Land Warfare: Multi-Layered Shield: Anti-access area denial (A2AD) needs to be coordinated to achieve full effect. Stephen W. Miller reports.
  • Spec Ops: Unannounced Arrival: Andrew White takes a look at how SOF operators may arrive discreetly by air, land and sea.
  • Land Warfare: Winter Is Coming: Fighting in cold weather is a battle against two enemies, and casualties can result from either, as Stephen W. Miller explains.
  • Country Analysis: Black Sea Flash Point: NATO’s commitment to patrolling in the Black Sea to support members Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey is no easy task, as David Oliver discovers.
  • Armada Commentary: Managing Defence Industry Risk: Andrew Hunter asks whether industry’s attitude to risk mitigation should not adopted by higher political echelons.

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