MADEX 2019: LACROIX to jointly showcase a broad range of launchers and dedicated munitions for ROKN with its Korean Partners

K-RBOC NG launcher
This year’s MADEX event saw Lacroix exhibit several ship self-protection systems teaming with TS Tech which showcased its K-RBOC NG launcher.

LACROIX: to demonstrate its full offer of NAVAL Solutions designed for ROK Navy.

LACROIX Defense is proud to take part for the 3rd time as an exhibitor at the MADEX 2019 exhibition, (October 22-25).

At MADEX 2019, the International Maritime Defense Industry Exhibition currently held in Busan, South Korea, the French company LACROIX is showcasing its SYLENA® family of decoy launching systems along with its next generation “corner reflector” SEALEM® decoys.

LACROIX decoy technology has been employed for the past 25 years in the Republic of Korea Navy* amongst ROK NAVY vessels: more than 20 surface ships are fitted with the K-DAGAIE solution (Safran/Sagem launchers with LACROIX decoys). Several of those ships could be upgraded to the K-DAGAIE NG standard. Regarding new and future ROK Navy programs, as well as export programs with major Korean shipyards, LACROIX is proposing its SYLENA MK2 antimissile and anti-torpedo solutions.

Breaking News : the most broad range of ROKN Decoy Launchers on display at MADEX…

For the very first time in Korea, officials & naval specialists will discover the large scale of interoperability and communality of LACROIX’s range of ammunition, as we will present a comprehensive offer of related Decoy Launchers that we provide or are in service in the ROKN Navy.

LACROIX is proud to announce that the SYLENA Mark 2 Decoy Launching System and the unrivalled related SEACLAD® munitions will be on display for the first time at MADEX.

Our Korean Partner (TS Tech) will also showcase its K-BOC NG decoy launcher system at scale 1 fitted with LACROIX’s NG – effects, tailor-made for PKX-A and PKX B requirements.

MADEX is the prime opportunity for LACROIX to demonstrate the interoperability and interchangeability of its naval countermeasures SEALEM 08-01 (RF) and SEALIR 08-01 (IR) mortar munitions for all ROKN ships, whatever the current type of launcher in service.

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Product Information on display: About Sylena & LACROIX Decoy Launchers

In the naval domain, our Research & Development team has developed 3 new Decoy Launching Systems [#DLS] over the last 10 years, meeting your operational requirements and capabilities to protect all kinds of vessel types (fast attack, OPV, Frigates and larger ships,etc).

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For decades LACROIX has been providing innovative and unique decoy solutions to the Korean Navy (ROKN), including AAW and ASW pyrotechnics utilizing cutting-edge technologies for warship self-protection, such as the LPX Class, which deploy:

  • Corner Reflector Decoys (RF) against radar threats
  • Spectral Morphologic Infrared Decoys (IR) against passive infrared threats
  • Electro-Optic Laser Screening / Masking (EO) laser guided threats

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Naval Analyst, Xavier Vavasseur, previously reported that « From patrol boats to frigates, the SYLENA range of systems has been developed by LACROIX to offer an optimized solution for ship protection with RF and IIR (Imaging Infrared) SEACLAD decoy effects. Unlike many Decoy Launching Systems which deploy chaff – regarded as outdated with respect to modern electronic warfare due to chaff discrimination systems – SYLENA utilizes corner reflector (CNR) technology.”