‘Highly regarded’ ration fuel system wins Military contract


The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded a new contract for an environmentally friendly ration heating fuel which has helped to reduce the British Army’s carbon footprint.

The FireDragon fuel and its associated foldable cooker will be yet again issued to British soldiers to help them warm their drinks and heat their operational rations.

The fuel which is manufactured in the UK by Cardiff-based BCB International Ltd, has a high purity of ethanol,  is clean, burns quickly and intensely with a significantly reduced cook time compared to other solid fuels. It is made primarily from renewable waste vegetation.

Having used over 2 million packs of FireDragon fuel in the first years of the contract, the UK Ministry of Defence has managed to significantly reduce its carbon footprint compared to the previously used toxic hexamine fuel.

Following numerous independent tests, BCB’s chemist, Ben Harrison, confirmed that FireDragon will reduce the carbon emissions of the British Army and reduce the carbon footprint of its operations by a substantial amount. Harrison also added that: “Hexamine emits cyanide and a lot of noxious fumes such as formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides when it burns. Formaldehyde and ammonia are also used in its production, bringing their own hazards. Hexamine produces a lot of carbon monoxide, especially when compared to FireDragon. FireDragon by contrast emits no formaldehyde or cyanide”.

The Head of Commercial at Leidos Supply Limited said: “The ethanol fuel blocks have proved convenient and effective; and the individual cooking system is highly regarded by British Troops.”

The new contract will run for 4 years. Other European militaries are currently evaluating the fuel.