New Impulse noise system’s higher sampling rate meets military standard for noise limit measurements


Brüel & Kjær (; who, along with HBM, Inc. (, comprise Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær (HBK)), has introduced a portable, battery-driven system for measuring and reporting the impulse noise produced by unsuppressed and suppressed firearms.

The system provides high accuracy measurements of impulse noise peak values to support comparing and evaluating various prototypes for their potential for causing hearing damage. The MIL-1474‑D and MIL-1474-E standards establish acoustic noise limits and prescribe testing requirements and measurement procedures for determining conformance to the noise limits. In contrast with other sound level measurement systems currently on the market, the Impulse Noise System’s high-accuracy LAN-XI data acquisition hardware complies with these standards with a sampling rate of 256,000 samples per second. The most current version of the standard calls for a sampling rate of at least 192,000 samples per second.

Unlike earlier analog sound level meters that required pressing a button to reset them after each test shot, Impulse Noise System can acquire, record and display the results of multiple shots automatically.

The Impulse Noise System solution is optimized for the testing requirements of manufacturers of small arms, suppressors, ammunition, muzzle brakes/compensators, hearing protection products, and air guns, as well as military and law enforcement bodies. The system bundles sensors, data acquisition hardware and system software into a comprehensive measurement and reporting solution at an economical package price.

In introducing the system, Jens Hansen, the business development manager at Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement, explained, “The Impulse Noise System combines the highest accuracy impulse noise measurements on the market today for evaluating small firearms with high testing throughput. It’s well-suited for use in remote test environments like firing ranges because it offers a battery-driven design, easy system setup and operation, and minimal cabling. The hardware, software and sensors are compatible with both the two most recent versions of the MIL-STD-1474 standard and general benchmarking.”

This system includes all the hardware and software needed for the entire evaluation, from data acquisition with best-in-class hardware to processing and reporting with Type 7963 PULSE Impulse Noise Evaluation software capabilities.

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