Ascent Vision Technologies Conducts Comprehensive Customer Field Training Event


Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) recently completed comprehensive field training exercises of the X-MADIS Fixed Site system with a key international customer, demonstrating its core capabilities and operational criteria. The training focused on critical details for successful mission execution, system installation and maintenance requirements.

The X-MADIS, eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System, is a fully integrated counter drone solution that detects, locates, tracks, identifies and defeats small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) by combining the capabilities of radar, optics, radio frequency detection and electronic command and control mitigation of the unmanned aircraft. The X-MADIS is unique in that it accomplishes the mission while the unit is static or on the move, at speeds exceeding 40mph.

“The training session allowed our customer to utilize the system’s full range of capabilities and experience its effectiveness,” said Lee Dingman, President at AVT. “We simulated real-life drone attack scenarios, giving the customer the opportunity to execute the response and to experience the outcome in real time. We also demonstrated the system’s ability to detect and mitigate several drones at a time.”

The training also included system installation and set-up options, maintenance and operational techniques such as efficiently incorporating software enhancements and trouble-shooting. “The training took place over six days, giving our customer the opportunity to get more familiar with the system’s operation, as well as address any questions they had encountered in deploying the X-MADIS for their mission,” added Dingman.

“AVT is committed to making sure every customer’s operation runs smoothly and effectively,” Dingman continued. “We design and execute our customized training solutions to help customers make rapid and informed decisions when responding to sUAS threats.”

The X-MADIS is in service globally protecting some of the world’s most influential leaders, as well as combat forces, civilians and critical infrastructure. AVT has seen rapid growth this year, notching its strongest year yet for X-MADIS sales. The company is currently working with several other international customers interested in purchasing the X-MADIS system.