Pods Protect Planes

Bird Aerosystems’ Aeroshield-M pod is a development of the company’s Aeroshield product which has been configured specifically to equip medium-sized business jets.

Bird Aerosystems has unveiled the latest member of its Aeroshield airborne self-protection system series, the Aeroshield-M.

The company states that this version has been developed to equip medium-sized business jets. The Aeroshield-M comes equipped with the company’s Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS). The ensemble includes Hensoldt’s AN/AAR-60 Missile Launch Detection Sensor (MILDS) which uses infrared to detect missile launches, and either Bird Aerosystem’s SPREOS directional infrared countermeasure or a third party chaff and flare dispenser. Customers can opt for the company’s MACS (Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor). This confirms that an incoming missile is a threat to an aircraft, to reduce the danger of false alarms, according to the company’s literature.

Shaul Mazor, Bird Aerosystems’ vice president of marketing and business development says that “the Aeroshield(M) has all the same capabilities and performance as the standard Aeroshield pod, yet it is smaller and more compact, due to the fact that the front detection sensors are located on the aircraft and not on the POD which allowed us to make a smaller pod with a reduced drag on the aircraft.”

Mr. Mazor adds that: “The AeroShield-M has finished its qualification and testing and is currently in the process of being installed on a first mid-size jet used for VIP (Very Important Persons) transportation. The installation will be completed within the next couple of month along with a full airworthiness certification by the customer.” Although the company declined to name the customer and the aircraft carrying the pod, Mr. Mazor did says that the it will be installed on the aircraft’s belly, and that the customer will have Hensoldt’s AN/AAR-60(V)3 variant of its MILDS sensor installed along with a Rokar/BAE Systems countermeasures dispenser.

by Dr. Thomas Withington