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Editorial Topics:
  • Commander’s Intent: Army Robotics Will Reinforce Future Riflemen Capabilities: Stephen W. Miller talks to Donald Sando, director of Manoeuvre Capabilities Development and Integration, US Army.
  • Sea Power: Searching for the Silent Service: Dr. Lee Willett reviews the Royal Australian Navy’s requirement for multinational anti-submarine warfare exercises.
  • Air Power: Vibrant Time for Advanced Jet Trainers: Mark Ayton discusses the new and current suitable for fifth generation pilot training.
  • Land Warfare: Ubiquitous Mobile Firepower: Remote weapons stations and manned turrets are now supplied for a range of armoured and support vehicles. Insight by Christopher F. Foss.
  • Technology Focus: Space on a Budget: Entering the space domain is an expensive business, but Thomas Withington investigates how costs might be mitigated for smaller players.
  • Defence Insight: Hearing Aids: Martin Streetly takes a look at UAVs being used by Asian military operators for SIGINT.
  • Regional Analysis: Icelandic Gap Guardians: David Oliver examines how NATO air forces are taking it in turns to patrol the air and sea off Iceland.
  • Armada Commentary: AI may be the Solution to Defence Industry Cybersecurity: Andrew Hunter analyses the challenge ahead.

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