When disinfection counts

Disinfection of interior rooms with SN 50 Decon.

The spread of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is presenting us with new challenges worldwide.

More distance, more hygiene – increased vigilance is currently the order of the day, and not only in hospitals and nursing homes. The economy and public life are also subject to strict hygiene regulations during their gradual re-opening after the pandemic-related lockdown.

Areas where many people are present, potentially large quantities of infectious aerosols can be released and surfaces that are touched by many people are particularly in focus as potential sources of infection.

As a specialist in decontamination solutions that have proven themselves worldwide in civil defence, disaster control and military operations, Kärcher Futuretech has CBRN decontamination systems and agents for the biological disinfection of people, equipment, vehicles, interiors and infrastructure that can effectively help contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

BDS 2000: A highly effective disinfectant

For the disinfection of surfaces and interiors Kärcher Futuretech offers the universal and highly effective disinfectant BDS 2000. It is a combination of the active component Wofasteril SC and the buffer component Alcapur diluted with water, according to the respective application instructions. The entire virus spectrum (enveloped + unenveloped), which includes not only influenza viruses but also rota, vaccinia, HIV, BVDV and hepatitis B, is reliably inactivated by the BDS 2000 within a few minutes.

The surface disinfectant is best applied in the form of a foam via suitable portable equipment equipped with a spray or foam lance. Additionally, it is also possible to apply by using spray extraction or aerosol application.

Devices for covering surfaces

The pressure sprayers DS 5 and DS 10 with a filling capacity of 5 or 10 litres are suitable for the disinfection of surfaces. The DS 5 generates a working pressure of up to 3 bar with its integrated air pump. The transparent tank makes the filling level easy to read at any time. With its low empty weight of only 2.3 kg, this device is particularly easy and flexible to handle. In addition to double the filling capacity, the stainless steel DS 10 has an integrated mixing device for individual mixing of cleaning and decontamination agents. It can optionally be equipped with a compressed air connection. With both units, BDS 2000 can be applied as foam to the surface to be disinfected.

The SXM 30 C spray extraction module is also used to spray disinfectant directly onto the contaminated surface. By spraying and simultaneous suction back into the integrated waste water tank, dirt and the adhering dangerous pathogens are thoroughly removed from the surface and simultaneously inactivated by the sprayed-on disinfectant in one step. The SXM 30 C has an area output of 45 m. per hour and can be equipped with three activated carbon filters, which can be very easily replaced and disposed of to prevent carry-over by aerosols.

The mobile HD 5/11 Cage DJ is a compact electric high-pressure washer for the cleaning of surfaces using high-pressure or low-pressure jet at up to 110 bar pressure. It cleans surfaces with cold water and additionally enables the discharge of aqueous disinfectants or cleaning agents based on one or two components such as the BDS 2000 as foam.

Disinfection with the high-pressure cleaner HD 5/11 Cage DJ.

Device for generating aerosols

The SN 50 Decon thermal aerosol generator is suitable for the supportive disinfection of interior rooms, as may be necessary in public facilities. The disinfectant is converted into fine aerosol droplets and a floating mist is created. A disinfectant aerosol generated in this way can thus react with infectious particles in the air and inactivate them. In addition, surface disinfection can be achieved to a limited extent by the slow deposition of the reactive aerosols on the surfaces in the interior. Sprayed with a special mist nozzle, even hard to reach areas can be disinfected. The SN 50 Decon is compactly built, self-sufficient due to petrol operation and can be carried and handled by one person.