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Editorial Topics:
  • Commander’s Intent: Sensor Focused Firepower: Major General Ken Kamper, Commanding General of the US Army Fires Center of Excellence talks to Stephen W. Miller about how his command is reorienting fire support.
  • Regional Analysis: Education Fuels Defence Sector Growth in UAE: Andrew Drwiega finds out how the UAE is successfully putting in place policies to grow its defence sector.
  • Sea Power: Bright Horizons for Maritime Rotary UAVs: Rotary unmanned aerial vehicles have reached the stage of naval acquisition and deployment. Andrew Drwiega reports.
  • Land Warfare: Battlefield UGVs Make Steady Progress: Stephen W. Miller takes a look at the complexity required from unmanned ground vehicles on the battlefield.
  • Technology Focus: Pan’s Labyrinth: Thomas Withington takes a long unblinking stare at the US PAN-1 signals intelligence collection satellite.
  • Armada Commentary: Revisiting Defence Industrial Policy: Andrew Hunter discusses how the changing business environment might change defence industrial policy.

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