R&S ARDRONIS on road to success

The German armed forces rely on container based GUARDION systems with early drone detection and effective drone countering for field camp protection in their deployment and mission areas. (Image: ESG)

The R&S ARDRONIS drone defense solution from Rohde & Schwarz is booking national success in the public sector market with deliveries to federal authorities and the German armed forces.

R&S ARDRONIS from Rohde & Schwarz detects, classifies and determines the direction of drone remote controls, prohibits remote control between the pilot and the drone, thereby preventing the silent approach of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

R&S ARDRONIS is being deployed by federal law enforcement agencies and by the German armed forces (Bundeswehr). For the latter, GUARDION systems equipped with the R&S ARDRONIS direction finding solution have been commissioned from cooperation partner ESG for field camp protection in deployment areas of the Bundeswehr.

The drone defense solution from Rohde & Schwarz can detect and prevent unauthorized situations with UAVs by continuously monitoring the frequency bands used by unmanned vehicle remote controls and generating an alert when a remote control is activated. This gives security personnel the earliest possible warning, saving valuable time for clarifying the situation. R&S ARDRONIS identifies the manufacturer and type of commercial drones and their remote controls, and it determines the direction of its signal.

The Rohde & Schwarz security solution provides electronic countermeasures by disrupting reception of the remote control signal. When the radio link is interrupted, drones usually enter failsafe mode and are not able to continue flying. R&S ARDRONIS only disrupts the control signals of UAVs previously identified as unauthorized, without affecting other radio links in the same frequency band. R&S ARDRONIS is easy to use and can be operated as a portable system, stationary or integrated in a vehicle. Relatively large areas can be covered by two or more networked DF stations, allowing drones and remote controls to be located and their positions displayed on a digital map. The open interfaces of R&S ARDRONIS facilitate integration into existing comprehensive security systems.