AUSA: DND’s Shoulder Launched Weapon Enhances Soldier Firepower

By Stephen W. Miller

AUSA, Washington DC: A challenge for the individual soldier is achieving the capability to address a range of target threats given the limits in his personal load carrying abilities.

Dynamit Nobel Defense (DND) is addressing this need through its line of single use shoulder launched weapons (SLW).

Sebastian Brent, international sales director, explained in his presentation at AUSA, that the company’s “SLWs provided a use as needed capability that can be called upon to engage targets beyond the ability of the soldier’s ‘personal weapons’.”

The latest family of DND weapons now allow for the engagement of a wider array of targets at greater ranges with higher effectiveness. The RGW90 can be employed against armoured vehicles, structures and personnel, as the operator can select either impact or airburst thanks to smart fusing.

Further, and in common with other DND RWG weapons, it is capable of being fired from confined spaces making ideally suited for urban combat. Equally important for a non-dedicated gunner use weapon, the company states that the RGW is compact and easy to carry, operate and fire. Once fired it can be discarded.

Adaptable to a variety of sights based on user preference, it is accurate at up to 1,200 metres. Brent indicated that “its precision is assured as the projectile is designed to maintain a constant velocity throughout its flight,” adding that “the RGW is able to provide range and accuracy comparable to precision guided missiles but a significantly lower price point. As a result it is also possible to field them in greater numbers across the battle space.”

Currently the company is completing development of its RGW110 which is in prototype stage and promising a further advance in performance.

by Stephen W. Miller