AUSA: NXT 360 – Next Generation HMMWV

AUSA, Washington DC: The US Army High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, more commonly known as the HMMWV, remains one of the most widely fielded light tactical vehicles in the world.

Despite the US military’s introduction of its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle the JLTV, significant numbers of HMMWVs will continue in service. Andy Hove, president of AM General highlighted that currently over 250,000 HMMWVs are fielded in 70 countries.

Given this, the company has focused on providing improvements that modernise and enhance the performance of the vehicle while maintain commonality within the fleet. He explained, “While maintaining 90 percent commonality our efforts have, for example, allowed for the provision of three engines rated for 150, 190 and 205 horsepower, increasing performance while retaining the proven automotive package.”

Similarly, this approach has allowed providing a model that is automotively virtually identical but has a narrower body allowing it to be transported inside a Boeing CH-47 Chinook.

Taking this approach to a new level the company has developed its NXT360 which again utilises the proven HMMWV base automotive package combining it with an integral protection against both kinetic and blast effects at MRAP level. Importantly, this is provided in a vehicle at a 15,500lb (7,045) gross weight.

As Nguyen Trinh, executive vice president International Defense stated: “Equipped with the 205hp turbo charged engine and a long travel suspension, the NXT demonstrates exceptional on and off-road performance. The vehicle is offered in two, four and six passenger capacity models.”

In response to questions, Andy Hove indicated that the protection approach employed in the NXT could be applied to AM General’s Hawkie 105mm Mobile Howitzer System further enhancing its ability to address its ability to address the mobile indirect fire needs of light forces.

by Stephen W. Miller