AUSA: US Army Funds Stryker IM-SHORAD For Accelerated Fielding

AUSA, Washington DC: General Dynamics Land Systems AUSA presentation focused on its M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank, as well the latest Stryker Dragoon and its Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) candidate.

Yet maybe currently the most interesting product was the Stryker A1 IM-SHORAD air defence vehicle system. The company had announced on 2 October its award of a $230 million contract by the US Army for 28 Interim Manoeuvre Short Range Air Defense systems. This is the initial batch of an anticipated 144 system requirement.

Don Kotchman, vice president said: “General Dynamics is teamed with partners Leonardo DRS and Raytheon to add this powerful capability and added operational dimension to the Stryker fleet in all manoeuvre formations.”

What stands out is the adaptability of the Stryker platform in filling a wide range of mission capabilities and the tactical flexibility provided by its exceptional speed and mobility.

The Stryker DVHA1 is the most recent update which includes a more powerful 450hp engine, increased 63,000lb payload, hydro-pneumatic suspension, improve handling, vetronics architecture allowing networking, a 910 amp alternator, and a DVH (Double Vee Hull).

In addition, IM-SHORAD includes not only ground-to-air missiles but a 30mm autocannon, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and Hellfire missiles as well as RADA radar equally capable of addressing ground and air targets. As a result, it could be considered a cross-domain weapon system able to equally detect and engage aerial and ground threats in a single combat system.

The programme could be considered a demonstration of the successful execution of the Army’s efforts to accelerate the acquisition and fielding process of new capabilities. The Stryker IM-SHOARD will be first deployed with Army forces in Europe in 2021.

by Stephen W. Miller