Naval Remote Weapon Station at the Euronaval Online

Sea deFNder® Remote Weapon Station.

Belgium-based designer and manufacturer of small caliber weapons and associated weapon systems and ammunition FN Herstal will attend EURONAVAL online, from today to 25 October.

Combat-proven Sea deFNder® Remote Weapon Station

Based on its long-standing expertise in firearms and more recent integrated electronics, optoelectronics, software and power-drive technologies, FN Herstal designs, develops, manufactures and ensures perfect integration of high-grade remote weapon stations of the deFNder® series.

With the deFNder® Medium – dedicated to land operations – as a basis, FN Herstal proposes the Sea deFNder® Remote Weapon Station for maritime applications to counter current and emerging asymmetric threats from any naval platform including USV.

The deFNder® is based on a standardized open architecture allowing integration with Combat Management System (CMS), external sensors as well as third party equipment. The open architecture makes it possible to control several deFNder® stations from one single (or more) C2 system and opens the door to collaborative combat of networked deFNder®.

Sea deFNder® RWS with FN® M2HB-QCB
Sea deFNder® Remote Weapon Station fitted with .50 cal FN® M2HB-QCB machine gun. Other FN® machine guns, such as the .50 cal FN® M3R machine gun with a high rate of fire (up to 1,100 RPM), are available with no change to the overall architecture.

The Sea deFNder® comes standard with a large number of advanced features, and is compatible with an extensive range of customer-specified options and accessories to meet today’s operational requirements.

With its Sea deFNder®, FN Herstal provides customers – end users and OEMs – with small caliber turret systems of their choice.

Sea mounted weapon solutions

FN® Light Pintle Head with FN MAG®
New FN® Light Pintle Head featuring FN MAG® machine gun, here with optional links and cases collector

In addition to naval Remote Weapon Stations, FN Herstal provides a range of ergonomic, mechanical pintle-mounted weapon systems featuring any FN® machine guns, including the .50 cal FN® M3M (worldwide exclusivity) and FN® M2HB-QCB.

As part of its one-stop shop service commitment, FN Herstal manages the installation of its products onto new or in-service platforms, offers operator training and provides integrated logistics support throughout the entire product life cycle.

Join the upcoming EURONAVAL 2020 online and discover our naval applications.