New ELINT Receiver

Rohde and Schwarz’s new WPU-2000 can detect radar signals transmitting in frequencies of up to 40 gigahertz.

Rohde and Schwarz unveils its new WPU-2000 Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) receiver.

The WPU-2000 detects transmissions from 20 megahertz/MHz to 18 gigahertz/GHz. These frequencies can be extended down to eight kilohertz and up to 40GHz. A company press release says that two gigahertz of real-time bandwidth lets the WPU-2000 intercept signals from wideband, frequency agile radars. The press release adds that scan speeds of 2500 gigahertz per second can “detect and process all types of low probability of interception radars.”


The WPU-2000 can be used as a stand-alone system. Alternatively, it can be integrated with other ELINT systems. These systems can include a high gain antenna for direction finding. A company spokesperson tells Armada the firm has “already delivered multiple systems to an undisclosed customer” and has “further deliveries in the pipeline.” They add that the WPU-2000 can be installed “on any platform” enabling it to be used in land, sea and air domains.

by Dr. Thomas Withington