SlingShot Tactical Operations Centre System


SlingShot is a unique technology that enables in-service radios to work beyond line of sight, delivering a “battle-winning” advantage and simplified mission-planning.

In-service across the globe, SlingShot complements oversubscribed TACSAT. And with flexible leases and dedicated beams you can be confident of having command and control communications when and where you most need it.

Small, lightweight and low-power omnidirectional antenna gives added safety and increases mission-success outcomes by maintaining communications on the move and bringing together units on land, sea and air in one integrated tactical radio network.


For SlingShot to operate successfully, it is essential that the antenna has clear Line of Sight (LOS) of the satellite. This is easily achieved on most vehicles or on the man. In an ops room or command post scenario however, the antenna may need to be remoted away from the operating area in order to achieve LOS. This may be the on a roof of a building, the outside of a ship or simply further away from the command post location. Because the Hub is IP67 rated it can be left in situ for extended periods.

Remote The Antenna

STOCS was specially designed to allow the antenna to be remoted up to 35 metres from the radio, meaning that while the antenna is positioned to see the satellite, the user can operate the system in a more suitable, potentially safer location.

Increase Flexibility

STOCS is simple and easy to set-up and the ability to extend the antenna away from the radio gives more flexibility to the overall capability. STOCS would be beneficial in any scenario where an extended field of operation is needed, other examples are; where EMC screening is necessary, or, in a position where an observation post is on a forward slope but the communications system needs to be on the reverse slop for cover.



STOCS is available in both UHF and VHF Military frequency versions. Systems consist of a Hub unit, an omnidirectional Antenna, 2 metre and 0.15 metre antenna coaxes, a cable reel with 35 metres of RF and Power cable, an earth cable and an AC /DC mains power converter. The antenna can either be mounted to the Hub by aligning mounting magnets on the top of the Hub with the antenna base, or it can be positioned away from the hub using the two metre coax. The sturdy, easy to use cable reel enables fast and easy installation and removal of the system.