Decoy Launcher Enhancements

Lacroix’s Sylena Mk.2 naval countermeasures launcher can be upgraded to deploy Leonardo’s MJTE anti-torpedo decoy.

The Sylena Mk.2 naval countermeasures launcher will be capable of deploying anti-torpedo decoys.

Leonardo and Lacroix announced on 17th November that they had concluded an agreement to integrate Leonardo’s MJTE (Mobile Jammer Target Emulator) with Lacroix’ Sylena Mk.2 naval countermeasures launcher.

The Sylena Mk.2 has been designed for small and medium-sized ships. Integrating the MJTE into such vessels furnished with these launchers will significantly enhance protection against subsurface threats.

The Sylena Mk.2 provides 360 degrees of protection around the ship and can dispatch chaff, flare and corner reflector decoys. A Lacroix source was unable to elaborate on the modifications necessary for the Sylena Mk.2 to use the MJTE saying that this information remains classified. However, they said that navies can upgrade existing Sylena Mk.2 systems to launch the MJTE. The source continued that no navies to date have adopted the MJTE upgrade for their Sylena Mk.2 apparatus, but that the aim of the agreement is to foster such cooperation between Leonardo and Lacroix for future surface vessel progammes.

by Dr. Thomas Withington