The SCAR-Pod Floats to Success!

SCAR-Pod on Airborne Technologies Pylon utilising wing hard points.

Airborne Technologies (ABT) is proud to have been chosen by the Canadian Aircraft manufacturer Viking Air Limited for the Sensor Integration required for a customer’s mission profile.

The Austrian Company has converted 3 DHC 6-400 Twin Otters into leading-edge ISR platforms.

For this project, ABT assembled two SCAR-PODs to carry an EO/IR camera system (WESCAM MX-15) as well as the complete Airborne LINX mission system, such as a BMS Line of Sight Downlink, a multi-channel data recorder, a CarteNav Augmented Reality System, and a GTAC Mission computer.

As designed, the SCAR PODs are fully interchangeable between all three aircraft and thus provide the fleet’s highest flexibility. A Radar Pod under the second wing is an option to enhance the Maritime Patrol capabilities of the aircraft.

The cabin configuration is customer-specific. It provides operation of all systems integrated with the SCAR-Pod from the co-pilot position and the observer station behind the flight deck.

The three versatile aircraft with wheels and floats, upgraded with leading-edge surveillance technology, are perfectly suited for Maritime Patrol Missions and have already been delivered to Viking’s end-user in SE-Asia.