Electronic Warfare Podcast 9: The MANPADS Menace


The ever-present threat of MANPADS attacks on civil aircraft continues to concentrate minds around the world and is the subject of our latest Armada EW podcast.

Since 1978 293 people have lost their lives in during attacks on civilian aircraft executed by Man-Portable Air Defence Systems. Bird Aerosystems produces self-defence equipment designed to protect civilian and military aircraft against these threats. Shaul Mazor, Bird Aerosystems’ vice president for marketing, shares his thoughts on the trajectory of the civilian counter-MANPADS market, its drivers and restraints in our latest Armada International Electronic Warfare podcast.

Shaul Mazor (Bird Aerosystems)
Shaul Mazor is Bird Aerosystems’ vice president for marketing and an expert on counter-MANPADS technology for civilian and military aircraft.

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