Silvus Retools StreamCaster Product Line for Spectrum Dominance


Silvus Technologies, Inc. (“Silvus”) announced the release of its newest radio models and waveform features designed to deliver reliable performance in congested and contested environments for an expanded variety of missions.

The release of the StreamCaster Lite 4200 (SL4200) represents not only the newest addition to the StreamCaster line, but also the smallest and lightest radio Silvus has ever offered. Designed for applications that are size, weight, and power (SWaP) or cost constrained, the SL4200 leverages Silvus’ Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform operating in narrowband channels as small as 1.25MHz.

Additionally, Silvus has announced 10W and 20W versions of the existing StreamCaster 4200 (SC4200) and StreamCaster 4400 (SC4400). Offering increased output power without an increase in size or weight, these high-power models are intended to deliver extended performance for long range applications.

Silvus has also expanded the capabilities of its Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO) waveform, with Spectrum Monitoring now included free on all SC4200 and SC4400 models. Additional MN-MIMO features include MANET Interference Avoidance (MAN-IA) and MANET Interference Cancellation (MAN-IC). The highest tier offering, the Spectrum Dominance Package, includes other Anti-Jam, LPI, and LPD features, and will be available to US Government end users only in early 2021.

“Backed by our leading MN-MIMO waveform, the expansion of the StreamCaster radio line marks a significant addition to the tactical communications environment,” said Jimi Henderson, Silvus Vice President of Sales. “Rounding out our suite of available products and licensable software options will allow us to deliver robust and reliable wireless communications for a wider variety of mission scenarios, providing Silvus users with capability overmatch in the spectrum domain.”

The SL4200 is immediately available, with 10W and 20W versions of the SC4200 and SC4400, and Spectrum Dominance waveform features being released later in the year. For more information on StreamCaster radios or to request a demo, visit or email [email protected].