Airbus Defence and Space/Helicopters FY20 Results Steady in the Face of COVID-19


Airbus Defence and Space’s revenues were four percent down, at $12.5 billion (€10.4bn) in FY20 from $13.1 billion (€10.9bn) in FY19, according to Airbus’ newly released consolidated full-year (FY) 2020 financial results. Airbus Helicopters (civil and military) were up four percent to $7.4 billion (€6.2bn) from $7.2 billion (€6bn).

The reason for the decrease in Airbus Defence and Space revenues was a result of lower volumes and the impact of COVID-19 and its effect on business phasing, which Airbus declared was notably witnessed in space systems.

Airbus Defence and Space’s orders were boosted thanks to a contract agreed in November 2020 for 38 Trache 3 Eurofighters for the German Air Force. This resulted in an overall order value increase of 39 percent to $14.3 billion (€11.9bn).

Similarly, Airbus Helicopters revenues grew thanks to a Bundeswehr order for 31 NH-90 Sea Tigers for the German Navy, supplementing an existing fleet of NH-90 Sea Lions (the Sea Tiger is an enhanced version of the Sea Lion for more specific missions).

Airbus Defence and Space deliveries in 2020 included nine A400M logistical aircraft. Airbus Helicopters delivered 300 units (down from 332 in 2019).

Airbus chief executive officer Guillaume Faury, discussing the overall results stated: “Many uncertainties remain for our industry in 2021…Over the longer term, our ambition is to lead the development of a sustainable global aerospace industry.” No dividends will be paid for FY20.

by Andrew Drwiega