Falcon-III Radio Family Enhanced

L3Harris’ new dual-band RF-7850D radio.

L3Harris’ new dual-band RF-7850D radio is designed to equip vehicles and static, deployed sites, typically at the platoon commander level and above.

The two-channel transceiver transmits across Very/Ultra High Frequency (V/UHF) wavebands. Channel 1 provides narrowband and wideband communications on frequencies of 30 megahertz/MHz to 512MHz, with channel spacings of 8.33 kilohertz to 1.2MHz. Channel 2 handles similar narrowband and wideband traffic, but also provides L-band and S-band wideband communications on frequencies of 225MHz to 2.5 gigahertz.

With selectable power outputs of 0.25 Watts/W, 1.2W, five watts and ten watts the radio has the company’s narrowband Time Division Multiple Access Networking Waveform, better known as TNW, fitted as standard. This joins L3Harris’ Adaptive Networking Waveform-2 and Mid-Tier TNW for wideband networking. The RF-7850D also has the option to carry the Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) and HAVEQUICK-I/II ground-to-air/air-to-ground waveforms, plus the Satellite Tactical Communications and APCO 25 law enforcement/first responder waveforms. These can be carried by both channels which have Quicklook 1A, 2, 3 and Quicklook Wide electronic counter-countermeasures protection as standard.

AN/VRC-92 Replacement

“Having the ability to support multiple channels makes it ideal for anywhere simultaneous access to multiple channels is required,” L3Harris told Armada in a written statement. The RF-7850D forms part of the firm’s RF-7850 Falcon-III product line, works seamlessly with other radios in this series and is fully interoperable with many of the firm’s tactical radio products, the statement continued. Beyond this, the radio can be a ‘drop in’ replacement for legacy L3Harris AN/VRC-92 vehicular radios widely procured for the carriage of SINCGARS.

The company said that several orders have been secured from undisclosed customers in Central and Latin America. Sales demonstrations are ongoing for potential customers in Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. “The radio will be officially released in May this year, with deliveries available immediately afterwards.”

by Dr. Thomas Withington