MKU Ltd. delivers next generation, high performance body armour to Military Police Sao Paulo, Brazil

Global defense and homeland security company – MKU Limited based in India and Germany became the first company outside Brazil to provide ballistic vests to the elite Military Police Sao Paulo.

Military Police Sao Paulo had initiated a tender for 14,500 ballistic vests based on the latest NIJ 0101.06 standard of the National Institute of Justice, USA. The specifications of the tender for the ballistic vests were highly focused on overall end-user experience with special emphasis on comfort, lighter weight & flexibility.

This global tender attracted many international companies and was highly contested, but the tender was awarded to the proposal submitted by MKU Ltd.

Known for its expertise in providing advanced ballistic solutions using proprietary design and patented technologies, MKU has over 3 decades of experience coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure and manufacturing processes. These high-performance vests, with Level IIIA protection were custom designed by MKU to ensure enhanced ballistic protection at lower weights, comfort, mobility, and ease of use. They are made using special antibacterial fabrics, which ensures comfort, even over prolonged use. MKU delivered the vests in over 21 different sizes as per the customer request.

The vests are NIJ certified and were thoroughly tested for performance, during the tender process and after they were delivered.

Mr. Neeraj Gupta, Managing Director said “We are proud to be associated with the elite Military Police Sao Paulo and are confident that these vests not only offer the best protection, but are extremely light-weight and very comfortable to wear. MKU is dedicated to provide its customers with the confidence they require while reducing the hassles. We look forward to working closely with Military Police Sao Paulo in the future and providing them with best in class products.”