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Editorial Topics:
  • Commander’s Intent: Evolving Agile and Flexible Command at Sea: Commodore Michael Harris, Commodore Flotillas, explains the Royal Australian Navy’s task group command structure to Dr Lee Willett.
  • Electronic Warfare: Suppressive Fire: Dr. Thomas Withington reports that the Royal Air Force is once again embracing the air defence suppression mission.
  • Land Warfare: Turkish Armour Aims for Exports: The first feature in a two part focus on the Turkish defence industy. Christopher Foss looks at the export potential of AFVs.
  • Air Power: Ottoman Aerospace Emerges: In the second part of our focus on Turkey,
    Alan Warnes examines the growth and potential of the indigenous aerospace industry.
  • Sea Power: Naval Design Swap: Dr. Alix Valenti assesses how new factors are influencing traditional ship designs.
  • Airborne Weapons: Check Six – 360 Air Engagements: Jon Lake traces the development of air-to-air missiles, ending with ‘over the shoulder’ capability and longer ranges.
  • Armada Commentary: Beginning of the End for F-35?: Guest analyst Jon Lake asks whether the Lockheed Martin F-35 has already reached its zenith.

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