True Velocity Ammunition Offers Infantry Weapon Upgrades

True Velocity (TV) successful demonstrated the possibility of significantly improving the range and lethality of fielded infantry weapons by substituting a 6.8 mm barrel and use of their composite case TVCM ammunition.  

The United State company has developed polymer cases which replaces brass metal cases currently used in ammunition. The new cases are lighter, do not get hot, and permit higher and consistent chamber pressures. The later allows for increased range and accuracy. This is illustrated by comparing that the TVCM 6.8 retains its velocity to 1400 while the 7.62 does so at 800 m.

TV, as a competitor in the US Army Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) program has applied its TVCM to the 6.8mm bullet calibre directed by the Army. The NGSW is intended to provide new weapon designs in 6.8mm to replace its M4A1 and M249 current weapons. These new weapons and ammunition are to have improved range and target lethality.

In a series of live firing trials True Velocity replaced existing barrels with those chambered for the 6.8 mm cartridge on a number of weapons. Weapons fired included the M110 Rifle, M240B Machine Gun, Knight Armament’s Light Assault Machine Gun, and Dillion Aero Mini-gun. Each weapon demonstrated enhanced ballistic performance providing increased range, improved lethality, and greater accuracy by simply changing the barrel.

This approach using TVCM 6.8 ammunition offers the possibility of achieving improved combat capability from existing weapon inventories at minimal investment while retaining soldier weapon familiarity. As an example, the M110 modification cost only US$128 for a new 6.8 barrel. In addition, the TVCM ammunition is 20 percent lighter weight thereby reducing the soldier’s load. A True Velocity spokesperson shared that the company has received significant interest from militaries.

by Stephen W. Miller