New portfolio: Rifle scopes from Tangent Theta

RUAG Ammotec’s product range is being expanded with Armament Technology’s high-quality riflescopes from Tangent Theta. The integration of these products is the next logical step, and underlines our new way of seeing ourselves as a provider of “Professional Shooter Solutions”.

The contract signed at the beginning of the year for the collaboration between the two parties represents an important milestone for Ammotec on its way to becoming a system provider. The trusted product portfolio in the small-caliber ammunition category from Ammotec will be supplemented by high-quality and technologically advanced modules and selected partners.

The goal is, offering customers the perfect equipment for their requirements from a single source. “The shooter has to be able to rely on his entire system at any moment, from the ammunition and the weapon to the scope. In Tangent Theta, we’ve been able to win over one of the leading scope manufacturers to collaborate with”, says a happy Ren Hauser, Senior Director Business Development & Portfolio at RUAG Ammotec.

The main company Armament Technology was founded in the late 1980s in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and has been a specialized partner in the field of scopes and target systems since the mid-1990s. Among other things, the company is also responsible for the sale of ELCAN target scopes, which began in 1994 with the sale of the trustworthy C79 target scopes.

Starting from this basis, the company actively concentrated on the basics and challenges of this product group, and quickly recognized the potential for improvement in the design and functionality of target scopes. Some well-known examples of this include the improved solutions for tracking the weapons systems, as well as the development of the so-called “zero” position.

In 2013, the “Tangent Theta” brand was formed to meet the specialist needs and requirements of professional marksmen in terms of target scopes. What has since become a premium brand first operated under the name Tangent Theta Inc, and was integrated as a division of Armament Technology Inc in 2019.

Today, “Tangent Theta” is known for its high-quality solutions and system applications for all types of target scopes. The team, which is made up of specialist technicians and engineers, has a broad knowledge of firearms and the relevant accessories and is a guarantee of continuous improvement, with a focus on the customer.

Last Year RUAG Ammotec started a successful sales partnership with HS Produkt to include their rifles and pistols to our portfolio. Thanks to Armament Technology, Ammotec now also sells highquality rifle scopes.