Attendance at AOC’s International Symposium & Convention is mission-critical


AOC 2021, the Association of Old Crow’s International Symposium & Convention, brings together the full spectrum of people working in electromagnetic spectrum operations.


No matter what your mission, you need an advantage in the spectrum. A better understanding of the invaluable role of spectrum in military operations is imperative for success.


You are the technology makers, the rapidly evolving designers. Through research and development, you are solving the problems and providing the solutions to the war fighters.


The spectrum is part of your world and touches everything you do. You need to join our mission in order to gain the knowledge you need to drive decisions in your organization.

This year’s theme is All-Domain Operations – Integrating Effects Across the Spectrum

The importance of electromagnetic spectrum operations cannot be over-emphasized; it empowers All-Domain Operations, an integrated and synchronized application of capabilities across all warfighting domains. Awareness and understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, its properties, and the need to command and control effects within it are necessary to strategize thoroughly, plan, and decisively execute any mission anywhere in the world. An advantage in the electromagnetic spectrum is foundational to successful All-Domain Operations.

Symposium Sessions

Below is a sample of some symposium sessions that are on the agenda this year. You can learn more about themes, session chairs, and agenda descriptions at

  • [5G Networks] Critical Enabler or Vulnerability?
  • [Air Force Spectrum Warfare Wing] Vision, Initial efforts, Integration across the Joint Force
  • [EMSO] Implementing EMSO for the Future Fight
  • [JADC2] The Criticality of EMS Interoperability/Compatibility
  • [MBSE Digital Environment and Engineering] Enabling to Rapid Development and Fielding
  • [Project Convergence 21] Linking Land, Air, Sea, Space, and Cyberspace
  • [Government and Industry Perspectives] Strategic Opportunities and Emerging Technologies
  • [Talent Challenges] How Space Force Is Developing Guardians To Build High-Performance Teams
  • [AI and Autonomy] The Speed of Data and Decisions in the Next Fight (brought to you by Young Crows)

Check out the agenda and get registered at If you need help justifying your attendance, we have resources available for you to use (