Collins Aerospace unveils updates to SCi-Toolset

  • Recent updates enable collection and fusion of both active and passive sensor data.
  • Modular software design means SCi-Toolset can operate as standalone applications or as a system.
  • In use with and available to both civilian and military sectors.

Collins Aerospace recently announced a number of technical updates to its SCi (Simplifying Complex information)-Toolset, a highly capable and proven data management, analysis and intelligence development software solution designed to work within closed coalition, shared enterprise environments.

SCi-Toolset offers a flexible and modular approach to ISR data management, exploitation and dissemination whether as a single stand-alone node deployed in the battlespace, or as part of a wider data-sharing solution spread across multiple independent sites. The SCi-Toolset simplifies complex information gathered from many different sensors so analysts can disseminate relevant information across bandwidth-constrained networks to military decision makers.

SCI-Pulse - GMTI Heatmap
SCi-Pulse is a Multi-Mode radar visualization tool

“With its comprehensive functionality and suite of powerful interactive capabilities, SCi-Toolset provides the actionable intelligence needed to support decisions that matter,” said Dave McClure, vice president and general manager of ISR and Space Solutions for Collins Aerospace.

“This functionality ensures advanced situational awareness of both the local and wider battlespace for not only the individual warfighter, but also the broader command structure. And all of this is achieved through instantaneous shared-distribution of sensor-driven data not tied to any specific source or format.”

Through recent updates to its radar data management capabilities and databases, the SCi-Toolset can collect both passive and active data, day or night, over either land or sea for use by both ground and maritime forces.

The SCi-Toolset is already being used by a number of international air forces, coalitions and specialist ISR operators in both the civilian and military sectors.