Jankel partners with Bodytrak® to develop innovative vibration mitigation solutions for defence platforms

BodyTrak tablet
BodyTrak tablet

Jankel, a world-leader in the design and manufacture of advanced protection systems for vehicles and occupants, and Bodytrak®, specialists in sensor engineering and human-centric data analytics, have partnered to develop new innovative technology and protection solutions to mitigate the impact of excessive vibration; particularly for defence and security orientated platforms. This announcement coincides with DSEI taking place in London 14-17 September, where Jankel are exhibiting on stand H4-580.

Bodytrak® has unique non-invasive physiological monitoring technology and Jankel are experts in occupant survivability and complex integration specialists. The focus of the partnership will be to develop a sensor-based solution to quantify and track the ongoing effects of vibration on various key regions of the human body and monitor the compound stresses against key health and safety benchmarks, via a real-time monitoring system. This radical new insight into the long-term impacts of excessive vibration is being used to develop improved occupant survivability and protection systems. Jankel can then offer customers a turn-key solution to solving complex issues or improving existing designs, through use of their patented seat technologies and vibration dampening technologies.

In addition to solving design issues, the Bodytrak® system also provides options for real-time monitoring of key occupant physiology during training and or during operations to improve overall performance and manage occupant safety risks. The Bodytrak® system provides a unique, non-invasive, in-ear device that tracks key vital signatures and transmits data in real-time to the Bodytrak® Incident Management Platform to automate health, safety, and performance monitoring. The system also provides options for audio communications and hearing protection.

Sam Foreman, Head of Sales and Marketing at Jankel said: “we are really enthusiastic about this new partnership that gives us a unique insight into the effects of vibration in various protection scenarios and helps us to collectively provide enhanced protection for our customers”. He added: “We are also looking forward to demonstrating this capability and our full range of protection systems to OEMs and end users at DSEi this year”.

Leon Marsh, CEO of Bodytrak, commented: “This partnership with Jankel is a great example of the breadth of data analytics expertise of Bodytrak and provides an opportunity to expand our core competencies. We look forward to developing this market opportunity with Jankel and setting new standards for the industry.”