Kirintec is expanding its K-CEMA range at DSEI 2021 (pictured is K-CEMA Jupiter, launched in 2019). (Photo: Kirintec)

KIRINTEC are exhibiting at DSEI from 14-17th of September on stand H4-494, where we are showcasing our current products and launching the latest addition to our product portfolio – K-CEMA Neo.  

K-CEMA Neo is our latest next generation, multi-role and agile system for Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA). This lightweight, single form factor product has been developed by Kirintec this year and will be shown for the first time at the DSEI show. We understand the challenges of conflict in the information age, and increasingly innovative adversaries and state actors operating in the ‘grey’ space of conflict. Kirintec have produced an innovative solution, using Key User Requirements drawn from across our customer base.

The ground-breaking new systems features include the ability to:

  • Detect threat signals anywhere in the Electro Magnetic Environment (EME) between – High Frequency and Super High Frequency (initially 20 MHz to 6 GHz)
  • Delivers a selected Responsive, Hybrid or Active countermeasure at the right frequency, power and time to protect you.
  • Provide the ability to rapidly respond to new threats to new threats using novel system and non-system related concepts.
  • Conduct continuous Electronic Surveillance and provide Signal Analysis on the move.
  • Integrate with other CEMA and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems to enable analysis and exploitation of the Electro Magnetic Environment (EME).
  • Interoperate with National and International partners when considering the use, control or denial of the EME.
  • Be deployable and available in all operational environments.
  • Employ hardware, software, data and FPGA open standards.
  • Reduce Size and Weight burden, without loss of performance, to front line troops.

K-CEMA Neo provides users with the ability to combine multiple functions and capabilities into one CEMA system with a common architecture which can evolve and adapt to meet emerging threats.