Republic of Korea Army to Receive 1.3km of Amphibious Bridging

GDELS M3 amphibious bridging vehicle.
GDELS M3 amphibious bridging vehicle.

The Republic of Korea’s Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has selected the Hanwha Defence / General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) partnership to provide the Republic of Korea Army with 110 GDELS M3 amphibious bridging vehicles.

This will be the largest M3 bridging fleet in operation with a combined bridge length of 1.3km.

The GDELS M3 has been designated the M3K it can be used for bridging or as a raft and is interoperable with other bridging equipment including the SRB (Standard Ribbon Bridge ) / FSB (Floating Support Bridge) and IRB (Improved Ribbon Bridge).

“We are very delighted that the Republic of Korea is the fourth Asian customer to select our M3 as their future amphibious bridge and ferry system,” said Dr. Thomas

Kauffmann, GDELS’s vice president of international business and services, adding that the acquisition underlined “the essential importance of tactical bridging for modern armies in terms of interoperability and military mobility.”

by Andrew Drwiega