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Editorial Topics:
  • Commander’s Intent: Leading the Field: At a recent demonstration of the UK’s new Protector RPAS, Jon Lake asked Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Wigston, Britain’s Chief of the Air Staff, about his aspirations for this new capability.
  • Air Power: Tomorrow’s Fighters: There is a good handful of new ideas on the subject of how industry should approach the next generation of fighters. Jon Lake reports.
  • Land Warfare: US Army’s ‘Big Six’: Stephen W. Miller provides the first part of an analysis of the US Army’s Big Six capability requirements to fight future battles.
  • Land Warfare: When Armour is not enough: Supplementing main battle tank armour is now a requirement for battlefield survival, says Christopher F. Foss.
  • Land Warfare: DSEI Restarts International Defence Expos: Andrew Drwiega, Christopher F. Foss and David Oliver report their findings at this year’s DSEI expo.
  • Sea Power: Pathways To USV/UUV Autonomy: Dr. Alix Valenti discusses the increasing use of autonomy for today’s modern navies.
  • Technology Focus: Spies, Lies and Social Media: Dr. Thomas Withington looks at the dangers of cyber campaigns that aim to disrupt and confuse public health campaigns.
  • Infantry Fighting Vehicles: Gaining Traction at Last?: Christopher F. Foss examines the growing development of unmanned ground vehicles.
  • Tactical Radio Supplement: Armada’s annual examination of tactical military radios for the modern soldier. By Dr. Thomas Withington

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