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Editorial Topics:
  • Commander’s Intent: Nato’s Emerging Maritime Threats: Dr. Lee Willett provides an insight into traditional and emerging threats to the alliance as perceived by Vice Admiral Keith Blount, NATO’s Commander Allied Maritime Command.
  • Land Warfare: Winning The CQB: Stephen W. Miller provides an insight into weapons and sights that allow quick reactions in the close quarter battle.
  • Air Power: Synthetic Training for Combat Air: Panacea or Pipedream?: Aircraft such as the F-35 are running out of sky – and privacy – where they can adequately train. Jon Lake asks whether synthetic is the right solution.
  • Land Warfare: CBRN Danger Persists: The threat of CBRN is still real. COVID-19 has raised global biological awareness. David Oliver reports.
  • Sea Power: (R)evolutions in Naval Propulsion – It’s Electrifying!: Dr. Alix Valenti discusses how environmental concerns may conflict with increasingly power hungry systems onboard warships.
  • Land Warfare: US Army Big Six Requirements and Programmes: Andrew Drwiega provides a summary of the last two elements to the US Army’s Big Six technology ambitions: Future Vertical Lift and Networks.
  • Armada Commentary: Carrier Group Disaggregation: Dr. Lee Willett examines the recent experience of the Royal Navy’s (RN’s) HMS Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group (CSG) in terms of the concept of disaggregation.

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