Electronic Warfare Podcast 14: Lightning Reflexes!

In our latest podcast we chat to Norm Wade, author of Cyberspace Operations and Electronic Warfare, and owner of The Lightning Press.

The Armada postbox was recently graced with the arrival of Norm Wade’s Cyberspace Operations and Electronic Warfare book. Published by The Lightning Press, of which Mr. Wade is the owner, the book is an excellent primer on these two facets of war.

Clear, concise and augmented with excellent diagrams and graphics, the book is an indispensable addition to the bookshelves of anyone with an interest in electronic and cyber warfare. The work is available both as an ebook and a paper copy. To learn more, and to order your copy, visit https://www.thelightningpress.com/smartbooks/cyberspace-operations-smartbook/

Norm Wade’s book on Cyberspace Operations and Electronic Warfare is a valuable addition to the canon of EW literature.

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