First Female Admiral in the UK’s Royal Navy


The United Kingdom’s Royal Navy has just appointed its first female Admiral in its history.

Rear Admiral (RAdm) Jude Terry received her historic appointment onboard the historic HMS Victory in Portsmouth Harbour, from her predecessor Rear Admiral Phil Hally. She will take up the post of Director of People and Training and Naval Secretary, which not only encompasses 40,000 regular and reservist sailors, but also the support ships of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

RAdm Terry has around 25 years’ service in the Royal Navy, and has served aboard survey vessel HMS Scott, as well as two tours of during with the helicopter carrier HMS Ocean, the latter as Commander Logistics during operations in the Baltic and Gulf.

In 2021 she represented the UK alongside senior female military officers from across NATO and allied/partner nations on Halifax International Security Forum’s Peace With Women Fellowship. Prior to that she was part of the planning team behind the withdrawal of UK fighting forces from Afghanistan. She has also served as military assistant to the Chief of Joint Operations, who was responsible for more than 20 operations worldwide. .

A three year tour of duty at the UK’s Permanent Joint Headquarters meant that she contributed to the end of Operation Herrick and the establishment of Operation Toral in Afghanistan, overseeing the drawdown of bases at Lashkar Gar, Bastion and Kandahar, for which she was awarded an OBE.

The Royal Navy has a number of women in senior posts including four Commodores (the next rank down) and 20 Captains.

by Andrew Drwiega