Ammotec Launches New, Lead-Free Training Ammunition for Police

RUAG Ammotec’s Defence and Law Enforcement business unit (DLE) is launching its new, lead-free 9×19 LF Training SX 6.1 g / 94 g ammunition. This is part of the company’s response to growing demand from police forces for ammunition that is lead-free and low in pollutants.

With the 9×19 LF Training 6.1 g / 94 g cartridge, Ammotec is expanding its portfolio by offering a lead-free training cartridge for government agencies. The new cartridge completely meets all the requirements and specifications of the CIP (Permanent International Commission for Firearms Testing), and has been fully tested and approved for use with the most widely used sidearms and submachine guns. The new product features a 6.1 g monolithic copper bullet with a low-pollutant primer. Thanks to the carefully calibrated charge process, the new cartridge offers the same point of impact and comparable recoil to the familiar ACTION 4 cartridge.

“Demand from our government clients for pollutant- and lead-free training ammunition is constantly growing. The new 9×19 LF Training SX cartridge allows us to fulfill the needs of our clients for improved health protection during training on shooting ranges,” said Pascal Emmenegger (Portfolio Manager DLE) from RUAG Ammotec. The new cartridge will be available for sale to military and government clients from Q2/2022.

RUAG Ammotec DLE also offers these lead-free products:

  • In 9×19: ACTION 4 SXF, ACTION 5 SXF, ACTION 6 SXF, ACTION SE SXF, AP SX, Frangible SX; In 4.6×30: ACTION SX, AP SX, Subsonic SX, Training SX, Frangible SJ SX.
  • In 5.56×45: LF HC SX, LF HC+ SX, LF Styx Action, Frangible SJ SX, Frangible SX.
  • In .300 BLK: HV LF Styx Action, HV Frangible SJ SX.
  • In 12.7×99: Training SX, HC SX, API SX, SR Solid SX, SR Solid Tracer SX.