After Denmark, Lithuania joins the growing list of Small Arms Training Indoor Simulator (SATIS) customers

On March 17th, RUAG Defence France and the Lithuanian Armed Forces signed a major contract for the delivery of Small Arms Training Indoor Simulators (SATIS), following an international competitive bid process.

SATIS is a high-fidelity simulator for indoor shooting training at individual and unit levels. It is an evolution of SITTAL, which is used by the French Armed Forces in more than 50 garrisons countrywide, and by the Ivorian Armed and Law Enforcement Forces. Lithuania opted for the mobile version, allowing fast and easy deployment from garrison to garrison.

Enhanced, tetherless technology

Supporting a variety of tetherless weapons, SATIS helps individuals improve weapon handling, accuracy, and shooting procedures. Instructors can monitor and analyze all relevant data, including firing position, aiming, cant, cast and pitch, shots, and trigger pressure. SATIS features an automatic after-action review (AAR) to improve the assessment of all shooting parameters and results.

Customizable combat scenarios

The Lithuanian Armed Forces will also be able to use SATIS to strengthen decision-making and coordination competencies by running exercises with groups of up to ten soldiers.

SATIS supports AI (artificial intelligence) managed combat scenarios customizable by the instructor and taking place in a great variety of terrain ((urban, countryside, semi-desert, …).

Strong market position

With this new contract, RUAG Simulation & Training further reinforces its position as a benchmark in the field of combat simulators.