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Editorial Topics:
  • Commander’s Intent: Integrating Amphibiosity: Jon Lake talked to Air Marshal Sir Gerry Mayhew, the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Deputy Commander for Operations, about how the RAF is changing to meet new battlespace challenges.
  • Land Warfare: Spreading the Word: Stephen W. Miller examines how Integrated Tactical Networks (ITN) a new level of data and communications sharing across multiples of tasks and users.
  • Air Power: What Can Your Wingman Do for You?: Jon Lake reviews the progress being made on the development of ‘loyal wingman’ unmanned aircraft.
  • Technology Focus: Qubits Keep Comms ‘Hush-Hush’: Dr. Thomas Withington lifts the lid on what quantum communications will mean to the military.
  • Technology Focus: Understanding Artificial Intelligence in a Naval Context: Dr. Alix Valenti assesses the gap between expectation and reality when applying AI to complex data.
  • Ukraine Conflict: Conflict in Ukraine: Analysis of Three Factors in the First Stage: Andrew Drwiega, Stephen W. Miller and David Oliver examine how NATO’s airborne ISR, Russian artillery and logistics functioned at the start of the invasion of Ukraine.
  • Armada Commentary: Industrial Dilemma: Buy America or Leverage Allies?: Analyst Greg Sanders and colleagues assess Washington DC’s materiel support to the Ukraine government.

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