PLATH Intelligence workshop kicks off AOC Europe 2022

AOC Europe takes place 10-12 May, 2022
AOC Europe takes place 10-12 May, 2022

AOC Europe gets underway with the return of the PLATH Intelligence Workshop, which brings together expert speakers from military, government, academia and industry to examine how critical developments in ELINT, COMINT and the Intelligence Cloud are engendering a fundamental shift in warfare tactics in the modern battlespace.  

The conference will open with the Chairman’s welcome from Professor David Stupples, Professor of Electronic and Radio Systems, City University London; with the afternoon keynote address to be delivered by Mr Andreas Schwolen-Backes, CEO, PLATH.

Session 1 looks at the ELINT revival. During the past years the operational continuum for Electronic Warfare (EW) has changed tremendously. Due to vast technology advances in both military and civilian radar technologies, modern functional services for EW – across both congested and contested signal EM environments – must achieve and maintain superiority in the EM spectrum. Additionally modern sophisticated radar threats are growing in complexity, becoming frequency-agile and highly-mobile and therefore more difficult to detect, identify and analyse.

As the radar and communication signal environments converge, especially in urban and littoral areas, the technical evolution of modern ELINT systems have to adapt and evolve in order to keep up with the latest developments in highly-integrated, highly-mobile weapon systems. This session emphasizes latest technological advances and the impact on platform considerations; it will also provide an outlook on operational challenges and future drivers and trends in modern automatic intercept systems, with maximum user operability.

Session 2 focuses on COMINT, with a consideration of the new technologies, methods and opportunities that aim to increase bandwidth, security, comfort and improved operational outcomes across different platforms, use cases and multi-domain operations. Presentations will cover ‘Airborne C4ISTAR challenges in day to day missions’, ‘COMINT inside UAV’, and ‘Innovative sensor technology for the protection of armoured vehicles’.

The session will be complemented by addressing new COMINT possibilities and requirements which result from human factors and the technological development of mobile phones; and the additional tactical benefits they offer military operations.

Session 3 will address the Evolution of the Intelligence Domain. The need for data, the extrapolation of intelligence and the growing use of the commercial cloud for information sharing all pose their own challenges to managing effective intelligence operations. Add to this the complication of intelligence units largely operating with locked data silos, partially networked systems and inhomogeneous data models; there are many difficulties and limitations to overcome in this domain. This session considers the challenges, and asks what the promising ways to solve them may be, culminating in a panel discussion to close the conference.

PLATH is an international supplier of high-performance software and integrated systems for data-driven crisis prevention. The portfolio covers the entire reconnaissance cycle and has proven its worth in operations worldwide. It is a family-run company, a member of the PLATH Group and helps customers to fulfil their security assignments.

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