The EW community reconnects at AOC Europe 2022

In May, the European Electro Magnetic Warfare (EW) community reunited at Parc des Expositions, France, to discuss the emerging threat environment and latest technology developments in the EW domain. This gathering coincided with the AOC’s French Chapter’s 25th Anniversary.

Attendees saw lively discussion at the event conference, which began with the PLATH Intelligence Workshop and ran into 2 days of AOC content. This year’s workshop discussions were based around the electronic intelligence (ELINT) revival, communications intelligence (COMINT) and the evolution of the intelligence domain. Looking at how these issues are engendering a fundamental shift in warfare tactics in the modern battlespace.

Day two of the conference, which was the first day of AOC’s agenda, began with a keynote address from Air Commodore Hugh Smith, Deputy Director of European Air Group, before delving into subjects including ‘Russian EW Meets Reality: Electronic Warfare Successes and Failures During Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine’, ‘US DoD EMS Superiority Strategy and Its Implementation’, and ‘Improving International Cooperation in the EMS’.

The third and final day took a look at Next Generation Air Survivability in the morning’s special panel session, before experts tackled topics including threat training against radar using EW AESA and future trends for multi-domain EW.

On the show floor, exhibitors lined up to show their newest technology innovations, all designed to enable operational success in the modern EW battlefield.

Tactical C5ISR specialist ACSYeS displayed its T-1 Distributed Tactical EW Node for the first time; and Bird Aerosystems presented its AMPS Airborne Missile Protection Systems, including the SPREOS DIRCM, and the MACS Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor. HawkEye 360 showcased its new maritime association analytics capability which analyses RF signal geolocations and third-party global AIS maritime geolocations to provide insight into potential dark activity in key areas of interest across the world.

A new counter-drone system – BLACKTALON – was presented by ECS and TCI, designed to provide security agencies, CNI and defence organisations with UAS scalable RF detection, tracking and defeat capabilities; while RAFAEL highlighted latest developments for its C-GEM shipborne off-board RF Active Decoy (RFAD) system designed to protect naval vessels from anti-ship missiles through electromagnetic spectrum manipulation. SIGINT solutions were also displayed by Avantix.

EW simulation capabilities were the focus on the Textron Systems stand, which was showing its Advanced Architecture Desktop Signal Generator alongside the Ground Threat Emitter Sensor System (GTESS) and Integrated Tester for Aircraft Survivability Systems (ITASS). EW training tools and services were also being shown by MASS, including its Networked Electronic Warfare Training Simulator, NEWTS IQ.

A new high-speed 6U OpenVPX control and data plane 40 Gigabit Ethernet switch for compute-intensive applications called ComEth4510e was also on display on the Interface Concept stand. Rugged computing solutions were also presented by Galleon Embedded Computing, including the G1 NAS, XSR TSS, and Ground Vehicle Computer.

High-speed boards and rugged system solutions were on display on the REFLEX CES stand, while HYTEM presented its capabilities in RF and microwave systems design and manufacturing, including custom RF tests systems, remote controlled attenuators, and cable assemblies. HUBER + SUHNER also presented its interconnection solutions for EW, command & control, jamming & communication, including RF coaxial cable assemblies, vehicle-mounted antennas, EMP protectors and RF-over-Fiber solutions. Chevin Technology highlighted its high-performance FPGA protocol accelerators, while CPI TMD showed is range of microwave power sources, high-voltage power supplies and transmitters for radar, EW, communications, industrial testing and scientific applications. Filtronic presented its recently released Cerus range of E-band power amplifiers.

High performing RF components were showcased by ERZIA, while D-TA focused on its Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations solutions. Annapolis Micro Systems & JARIET Technologies joined forces to show a range of cards, boards and switches, including the COTS FMC+ Mezzanine Card that features 64 GS/s, 10-bit ADC and DAC capability.

To register your interest for AOC Europe 2023 set to take place on 16-18 May in Bonn, Germany please visit the event website: