Elbit Systems to Showcase New Capabilities during Eurosatory 2022

DaiR : an innovative simultaneous multi-mission tactical radar.
DaiR : an innovative simultaneous multi-mission tactical radar.

From light-tank 105/120mm turret, through innovative tactical radar, to live broadcast demonstration of heterogeneous swarm capability.

Elbit Systems’ display during Eurosatory 2022 (Hall 6, D567) will see a wide range of the company’s advanced solutions being demonstrated: multi-domain networked warfare capabilities, a range of solutions for armored fighting vehicles, precision guided munitions, radar system, swarm capability, and new Electro Optical payloads.

Elbit Systems’ executives and experts will be available (upon prior coordination) for briefings and interviews.

New capabilities that will be highlighted:

Legion-X – live demo of swarm capability The company will host customers for a one-off (registrant only, June 14, 13:00) full demonstration of an autonomous heterogeneous swarm. A real-time operational scenario executed by autonomous swarm will be broadcasted live to attendees from a trial area in Israel. The swarm that will include 7 drones, 2 UGVs, 5 sensor types, strike capability and AI-driven management application will execute open area and urban warfare missions.

DaiR : an innovative simultaneous multi-mission tactical radar. A new X-band software defined radar system that makes target prioritizing redundant, herebyenabling a step change in the effectiveness and efficiency of border security and perimeter protection. The new radar incorporates hundreds of digital receivers, sophisticated algorithms and computing cores with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. It is capable of simultaneous detection and tracking of thousands of objects of various sizes and velocities, with no need for target prioritization. As warfare becomes increasingly multi-domain, the target prioritizing capability, that is central to legacy radars, becomes a liability. The DAiR radar system forgoes target prioritizing, aligning the radar capability with the imperatives of multi-domain warfare.

‘Sabrah’ light-tank & turrets The ‘Sabrah” light tank solution will make its public debut at Eurosatory. An ASCOD AFV with the ‘Sabrah’ 105/120mm turret installed will be presented. The ‘Sabrah’ Light Tank turret is the latest generation of two-man/optionally unmanned turret featuring an automatic loader, advanced sights, the Iron Vision Head Mounted Display and the Iron Fist Active Protection System. In addition, two MT30 Manned 30mm turrets will be displayed, one integrated onboard the Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) as part of the Hanwha Defense presentation (Hall 6, B567), and a second onboard an ASCOD IFV in the booth of GDELS (Hall 5A, E851).

Synergetic Capability- Artillery & Loitering Munition

In a recent live-fire demonstration recently conducted for European delegations, Elbit Systems presented the capability of integrated operations of artillery forces and loitering munition unit. The operational scenarios that were demonstrated included a SkyStriker loitering munition system acquiring a static target, transmitting target information to a common Command & Control system, initiating precision strikes from both PULS rocket artillery and Cardom/Spear guided 120mm mortar systems, providing real-time Battle Damage Assessment, then moving on to acquire and strike a secondary fast moving target. This capability significantly expanding the operational envelop of artillery forces providing them with organic ISTAR and airborne strike capabilities to a range of up to 100km.  The SkyStriker unit can operate either as an organic unit within an artillery battery or as a support unit, while the SkyStriker system can be launched either from a ground pneumatic launcher or from a canister integrated onboard the PULS rocket launcher.

COAPS-L: a new ISTAR payload for light platforms

The COAPS-L is a miniaturized variant of the Company’s Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight (COAPS) that provides light platforms such as light tactical vehicles, UGVs and surface vessels with AFV-level ISTAR capabilities. The new payload configuration will be showcased for the first time during this year’s Eurosatory as part of the Elbit Systems’ display and is integrated onboard an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) as part of the Roboteam presentation (Hall 5B, A-35B).

REST – a new Air-to-Surface Range Extension and Guidance Kit

REST is a Range Extension & Smart Tail kit for air-to-surface warheads. Already ordered for several warhead types, REST transforms almost any type of air-to-surface warhead into a high penetration standoff precision guided munition. The REST kit is a modular solution that includes a smart tail for navigation and guidance, and upper wings for range extension. The REST kit provides all weather pinpoint ‘fire and forget’ capability to ranges of up to 120km and is capable of a steep impact angle for enhanced penetration of hard targets.