Eurosatory French Army Demonstration

Nexter Ceasar 155mm wheeled howitzer

The French Army provided a demonstration of some of its capabilities at the outdoor display area during the Eurosatory Expo.

Involving a combined arms group of paratroops and special forces (SF) deploying unmanned aerial vehicles, Nexter/Thales/Arquus Griffon armoured personnel carriers in transport and command versions, a towed 120mm mortar, a Nexter Ceasar 155mm wheeled howitzer and armour represented by a wheeled AMX-10 and Nexter Leclerc tank.

The French Army is in the process of modernising many of its force elements, which includes the Scorpion programme that aims to replace the AMX10RC and ERC90 armoured reconnaissance vehicles with the wheeled Jaguar, and introduce the Griffon APC. The Leclerc main battle tank will also be upgraded to the XLR. Project Scorpion has a completion date currently set at 2033.

French Army Demonstration
French Army Demonstration

During the display, which saw the deployment of FLIR Nano Black Hornet and Parrot ANAFI USA micro UAVs, it was announced that the French Army intends to procure up to 3,000 UAVs in different classes between 2023-2025.

The Army comprises 80 percent of all SF troops in France and have acquired a range of new skills including the use of paragliders for stealthy insertion.

by Andrew Drwiega