Hovering Trojan Also Offers Extended Range

Trojan Unmanned Hover Plane (UHP)
Trojan Unmanned Hover Plane (UHP)

On Tuesday 14 June at Eurosatory, Aeronauticals unveiled its Trojan Unmanned Hover Plane (UHP).

At the launch, president & CEO of Aeronautics Moshe Elazar stated that the UAS “bridges a gap between hovering and longer range” which he claimed introduced a new category into the general UAS platform portfolio.

In addition to its ability to hover, the Trojan can use its two and a half hour flight time to range out to 150 kilometres with a 12 kilogram payload. The ground control base station (GCS) can handle up to four of these platforms simultaneously. Each can carry out longer range multiple point Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission.

The company states that the Trojan can be used in challenging environments and in day/night operations using a variety of sensors. The GCS has a user-friendly interface and can be operated by one person.

“Trojan is the first ever Unmanned Hover Plane (UHP), and we are delighted to introduce its unique capabilities to the world in this 25th anniversary year of the company – an important milestone for us”, said Elazar.

by Andrew Drwiega