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Editorial Topics:
  • Commander’s Intent: Re-Envisioning the Marine Corps: The US Marine Corps Force Design 2030 plan has just been updated. Stephen W. Miller finds that the traditional balance of forces no longer seems to apply.
  • Land Warfare: Wheeled Artillery – The Way Ahead: Is wheeled artillery better than tracked? What are its advantages? Christopher Foss finds the answers.
  • Land Warfare: Shoulder Fired Mayhem: Andrew Drwiega finds out the latest developments in Saab’s range of ground combat weapons (many of which now being used in Ukraine).
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Supplement: David Oliver reviews Ukraine’s unmanned war, the popularity of General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper and updates the current UAV international inventory list.
  • Technology Focus: AI’s Achilles Heel?: Dr. Alix Valenti investigates whether Artificial Intelligence is sufficiently developed to offer naval commanders the opportunity to tighten the OODA loop.
  • Armada Commentary: Japan and UK Move Closer: Japan is looking for greater solidarity with Western countries in the face of the world’s more autocratic nations. David Oliver explains.

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