Mission ‘Reis’ is Completed, We Are Ready For The ‘Milden’ Project


Within the scope of the New Type Submarine Project of the Presidency of Defense Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı – SSB), we have completed the command control and combat management systems and submarine data distribution systems of 6 submarines.

We are ready to work on one of the most critical projects in our country, the National Submarine Project.

HAVELSAN, in the first place, completed the (Denizaltı Bilgi Dağıtım Sistemi – DBDS) within the scope of the Submarine Data Distribution System (DBDS) Project and delivered them to the Gölcük Shipyard Command. These systems, whose project studies started in 2011, are considered as the heart of submarines.

HAVELSAN made the last DBDS delivery for the TCG Selman Reis Submarine in 2021.

Within the scope of the delivery of command control and combat management systems, HAVELSAN completed the systems of the last submarine, the TCG Selman Reis Submarine, the previous week.

The acceptance procedures were carried out successfully with the participation of the SSB, Turkish Naval Forces Command, and HAVELSAN staff.

With the delivery of the final command control and combat management system to Gölcük Shipyard Command in the coming days, HAVELSAN will have delivered both DBDS and command control and combat management systems.

Hearth of Submarines (DBDS)

Within the scope of the project carried out to provide the needs of the Naval Forces Command, DBDS development for the first submarine started in September 2011.

A team of technicians and specialists worked at HAVELSAN to develop, produce, and test DBDS systems.

The system, mechanics, configuration, production, quality, test engineers, project monitoring, integrated logistics support, risk experts, project manager, and technical managers made significant contributions to the project, in which mainly software, electronics, and hardware engineers took part.

Before this project, weapons and sensor information distribution, one of the most vital functions of submarines, was carried out with foreign systems. There were significant maintenance, sustain, and modernization difficulties.

The DBDS Project was carried out for the TCG Piri Reis, TCG Hızır Reis, TCG Murat Reis, TCG Aydın Reis, TCG Seydi Ali Reis, and TCG Selman Reis submarines; all deliveries were made on time.

The system was produced with domestic capabilities from design to integration phases. The domestic contribution rate was 70 percent under the DBDS Agreement, but the project was completed with a 75 percent domestic contribution rate.

DBDS has been subjected to long and comprehensive durability tests as it will be used in harsh environmental conditions and has successfully passed all these processes. All environmental condition tests of DBDS were carried out domestically with domestic facilities.

DBDS provides seamless integration with 105 different units within the submarine using real-time embedded software technology.

The DBDS Project covers the production of 7 sets of systems, one in a land-based test environment and six on submarines.