Attendance at AOC’s International Symposium & Convention is mission-critical

AOC 2022, the Association of Old Crow’s International Symposium & Convention, brings together the full spectrum of people working in electromagnetic spectrum operations.

Active Duty to Veteran

No matter what your mission, you need an advantage in the spectrum. A better understanding of the invaluable role of spectrum in military operations is imperative for success.

Junior Engineer to Principal Engineer

You are the technology makers, the rapidly evolving designers. Through research and development, you are solving the problems and providing the solutions to the war fighters.

Casual to Pro

The spectrum is part of your world and touches everything you do. You need to join our mission in order to gain the knowledge you need to drive decisions in your organization.

This year’s theme is The EMSO Playbook: Maneuvering to Win in a New Era.

Global security is changing rapidly, from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to growing tensions in the Pacific. The EMSO fight will be complex in all future conflicts; it is a critical way we can invest in improving our ability to maneuver in the next five years. The symposium will explore the playbook required for successful EMSO for US and coalition partners.

Symposium Sessions

Below is a sample of some symposium sessions that are on the agenda this year. You can learn more about themes, session chairs, and agenda descriptions at

  • [JADC2] All Domain Operations is the critical integration of the Joint Force.
  • [SPACE EMSO: C-C5ISRT] Space offers a unique strategic sanctuary, and it also creates a unique dependency in any future military operation.
  • [Cognitive EW] Diverse panelists will represent the view of operational commanders to training ranges in the U.S. and allies.
  • [Supply Chain] The panel will cover key domestic dependencies of the supply chain, i.e. microelectronics, and the foundational access to materials which support our EMSO systems.
  • [Standards & MOSA] This panel will discuss the Open Architecture ecosystem: how different standard bodies are governed, how to get involved, and how to ensure conformance with the standard to meet the ultimate expectation of improved performance, schedule, cost, modularity, upgradability, sustainability, and ultimately improved warfighting capabilities.
  • [Unmanned/Uncrewed Systems] Uncrewed systems require different technology under the hood to make real-time decisions instead of depending on operators
  • [Strategy Meets the Hill] Strategic Opportunities and Emerging Technologies
  • [5G/NEXT G] This panel will discuss how 5G supports EMSO.
  • [Joint and Coalition EMSO Integration] EMSO must be a fully integrated and trained feature of the Joint Force that aligns with allied partners.

Check out the agenda and get registered at If you need help justifying your attendance, we have resources available for you to use (