Military Communications Podcast 2: Deep Impact

The Klitschko Brothers and Starlink Terminals
Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are pictured with Starlink terminals donated to Ukraine. Wladimir is the mayor of Ukraine. The brothers, both former professional heavyweight boxers, are now fighting Russia’s invasion and occupation.

Private sector satellite communications provision is paying dividends for Ukrainian forces in that country’s ongoing war.

In the wake of Russia’s Ukraine invasion on 24th February, thousands of Satellite Communications (SATCOM) terminals were shipped to Ukrainian forces.

Elon Musk despatched terminals to provide wideband internet coverage via his Starlink satellite constellation. His actions mirrored those of Viasat which had provided terminals before the invasion.

Both Starlink and Viasat experienced Russian cyberattacks but these were quickly rectified with software updates.

In our latest Armada MilComms Podcast we talk to Adam Bartosiewicz, vice president of WB Group about the provision of private sector SATCOM in Ukraine, and its tactical and operational significance.

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by Dr. Thomas Withington